Last year, Gracie and her family, supported by Solving Kids’ Cancer UK, attended British Racing Greats, creating unforgettable memories despite her battle with high-risk neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer. 

The opportunity to attend British Racing Greats was more than a trip for Gracie and her parents; it was a chance for the family to come together and enjoy a special day out.  

British Racing Greats is a new fundraising and awareness event, designed to bring people together to support two amazing charities, SpecialEffect and Solving Kids Cancer UK. It is a first-of-its-kind track event, celebrating the greatest racing games ever made, and the Tudor family were invited to attend. 

Gracie sadly passed away just a few months after the event, but the memories created at British Racing Greats will live long in the memory of her family. Mum, Claire, reflects on the significance of the experience: “to be able to get one day together to actually have fun was priceless. Considering Gracie was having chemotherapy at the time, this was a huge treat for us all and we’ll be forever grateful.” 

Solving Kids’ Cancer UK and SpecialEffect not only provided the Tudor family with tickets but also created a supportive environment where Gracie and her family could immerse themselves in the excitement of the races. 

Claire emphasizes the importance of having an area where they could enjoy the spectacle while being mindful of Gracie’s needs: “We were so fortunate to have a quiet area where we could see the main track. Gracie sat on the stool with her big sister, Katelyn, pointing out the cars. For a three-year-old, she was so inquisitive; she loved it.” 

Solving Kids’ Cancer UK and SpecialEffect are committed and dedicated to supporting children like Gracie. Through initiatives like British Racing Greats, they strive to honour the memory of courageous children like her, providing moments of happiness and togetherness and offering hope and joy to families in their darkest moments.